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The City Council of Wildomar is in FAVOR of Measure D. Your YES vote on this measure will restore funding and provide for program enhancement for Parks in Wildomar.

Currently, the City does not collect assessments or taxes to fund the maintenance and operation of Parks in Wildomar. In the past, a special benefit assessment created by the County was imposed on some properties now located in the City for these purposes. In 2010, a lawsuit against the County resulted in the Fourth District Court's invalidation of a $28.00 a year special Parks assessment, leaving the City without identified resources to maintain and operate the parks within the City.

To remedy this situation, a Blue Ribbon Parks Committee, comprised of Wildomar residents, recommended that Wildomar form Community Facilities District 2011-1 for the purpose of levying special taxes for park maintenance and operations to be collected from all properties within the boundaries of Wildomar.

The City Council voted on March 7th to put the matter of the Community Facilities District and levy of a maximum special tax of $28.00 a year per parcel on the June 7th ballot. This maximum is not subject to change at the discretion of the City; it is only subject to annual adjustment based on inflation.

Measure D, if approved by the voters, would affirm the formation of the Community Facilities District, which is similar to a Community Services District that Murrieta and Temecula use.

Parks provide many benefits to local communities including venues for organized sports and other programs for residents of all ages, as well as safe places for children to play. Local parks enhance local property values as well.

A Yes Vote on Measure D will ensure a stable funding base for current and any future parks.

Marsha Swanson, Mayor
Ben Benoit, Mayor Pro T em
Bob Cashman, Council Member
Bridgette Moore, Council Member
Tim Walker, Council Member



“MELLO-ROOS? In this economy? During the worst foreclosure crisis ever? You’re joking, right?”

But if Measure “D” passes, the only people laughing at the joke will be the businesses, homebuyers and real estate professionals actively avoiding Wildomar properties when the City becomes one gigantic MELLO-ROOS District.

Shortly after cityhood proponents promised incorporation with ‘NO NEW TAXES,’ our City Council brings us the worst kind of taxes possible – infamously known as “MELLO-ROOS.” And while MELLO-ROOS are a favorite staple of high-priced tax consultants who make large sums of money administering these complex taxing schemes, MELLO-ROOS are universally disdained by unsuspecting taxpayers victimized by them.

To avoid appearances of ‘NEW TAXES,’ these MELLO-ROOS are being framed as “replacement taxes” to the former ILLEGAL ASSESSMENT invalidated by the Courts. However, the number of parcels subject to taxation will NEARLY DOUBLE from less-than 6,900 to greater-than 12,900, and TAX REVENUES WILL INCREASE from less than $195,000.00 to potentially greater-than $350,000.00 per year compared with the ILLEGAL ASSESSMENT.

MELLO-ROOS impose burdensome requirements on taxpayers, including:
• Virtually All Private Property Taxed, Whether Residential or Commercial, Vacant or Improved

• Liens Imposed Annually on All Nonexempt Parcels to Secure Payment of Taxes

• Accelerated Foreclosure in as Little as 5 Months After Payments Overdue, Rather than 5 Years as Normally Applicable

• Tax Increases Every Year Based on Consumer Price Index

• Disclosure Requirements for All Sellers – Purchasers Must Agree to Taxes Before Closing Escrow

MELLO-ROOS are regressive because they affect lower income families disproportionately, but there are NO EXEMPTIONS for SENIOR CITIZENS, the DISABLED, people on FIXED INCOMES, or other similarly disadvantaged individuals.

Reducing the City of Wildomar to an oversized MELLO-ROOS District is a bad idea at the worst possible time. Vote ‘NO’ on Measure “D.” – PAC ID # 1302409



Measure D strictly limits the use of tax revenues to cover only maintenance of City parks and provision of recreational services within the City. No bonding for new public infrastructure is authorized by Measure D.

The argument against Measure D characterizes it as a "Mello Roos" district without explaining the specific limitations that distinguish Measure D from earlier forms of Mello Roos public financing structures. Mello Roos districts were originally set up in order to finance the cost of public improvements required by new development such as utilities, roads, schools, libraries, parks and fire stations.

Importantly, Measure D does NOT propose a new tax for most of Wildomar; it merely replaces the special assessment approved in 2006 on approximately 6,800 parcels in the City. Measure D will be levied on the entire community of Wildomar, thereby reducing the per parcel cost.

Mr. Beutz and other opponents were quick to challenge the legality of the senior citizen exemption that was originally proposed for Measure D, and they are now equally quick to criticize the City for not adopting that exemption.

For a maximum charge of no more than $28.00 a year, per parcel, the whole community of Wildomar will benefit from the improved quality of life and increased property values that occur when parks are well maintained and managed.

The City Council of Wildomar has taken a position in FAVOR of Measure D.

Marsha Swanson, Mayor
Ben Benoit, Mayor Pro T em
Bob Cashman, Council Member
Bridgette Moore, Council Member
Tim Walker, Council Member



Despite the innuendo and veiled threats of park closures, Measure “D” is not a question of open parks – it’s a question of HIGHER TAXES. Regardless of how anyone may feel about Measure “D,” everybody in Wildomar wants– and deserves – open parks. And despite the City Council’s call for HIGHER TAXES, the good people of Wildomar already pay enough in taxes to keep our 3 modest public parks open.

The 2010-2011 Wildomar budget began, and is projected to end the fiscal year with an approximate $1.3 Million dollar cash surplus representing a 14% general fund reserve And on top of that, the City also has an investment portfolio of over $1.5 Million dollars representing another 16% of general fund expenditures. Combined, these revenues constitute a surplus of over 30% of general fund expenditures the City has in reserve. Yet the amount of revenues brought in under the former ILLEGAL ASSESSMENT to fund park maintenance represents less-than two percent (2%) of current general fund expenditures.

If our sitting Wildomar City Councilmembers are either unwilling or unable to provide for the basic necessities of the community at a cost of less-than 2% of general fund expenditures, when they have at their disposal over 15 times that amount in reserve funds we’ve already paid in taxes, they can be replaced by members of the community who will.

Tell the Wildomar City Council to balance the budget without RAISING TAXES. Go to the polls and Vote ‘NO’ on Measure “D.” – PAC ID # 1302409



Vote No Wildomar Measure D June 7, 2011