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Important News Regarding Measure "G"
Use the links below to read the latest news articles regarding Measure "G."
MSJC president: Bond on November ballot is unlikely
"Putting a campus there is part of our master plan," Zacovic said. "Anything that threatens or affects that makes me nervous. If we weren't able to acquire that property, where do we go next? And what will that cost?" Read More
Defeat of Measure G and court ruling puts brakes on MSJC Wildomar campus
"When he began his campaign, the approval rating for Measure G was at 60 percent, he said, and on the day of the election, Measure G support had plummeted to 45 percent. Read More>
Sun Lakes switches, other measures fail
"Some of us are a little surprised by the margin of defeat,” said Bill Marchese, director of public information for Mt. San Jacinto Community College, which services the Hemet Valley and Pass Area. “We were expecting a victory.” Read More>
Judge: County parks district can't sell land to Mt. San Jacinto
"Thursday's ruling came after voters across the expansive district ---- which spans Temecula to Banning ---- rejected the proposed $720 million bond to expand the existing two campuses and build two others, including the one in Wildomar." Read More>
Court rules no sale of land for campus
"The decision comes two days after voters rejected the college district's $720 million general-obligation bond measure, which would have partly funded the Wildomar campus." Read More>
School bond measures fail at polls
"One of the questions to be answered by the district is why the local measure failed when 53 of the 72 community college districts in California have gotten voter approval for similar bond measures, Zacovic said." Read More>
School officials weigh options
"We need some time to think about it, to think about where we are, where we're going and how we're going to get there," Kadow said. "We didn't think it would be this bad." Read More>
Have voters had enough?
My hat is off to Temecula City Councilman Mike Naggar for being the most visible public figure to come out against this ridiculous bond. Read More>
College bond measure loses
"Measure G, Mt. San Jacinto College's $720 million bond, failed Tuesday." Read More>
College bond appears to have failed
"College officials anticipated that the bond would pass, largely because a January poll conducted by the Santa Monica research firm Fairbank, Maslin, Maullin & Associates seemed to indicate that district residents favored expanded and new campuses." Read More>
Measure ‘G’ to help fund MSJC’s future or a ‘blank check?’
“This bond is the largest in the history of Riverside County and that to me is reason enough to be against it as a principled Republican,” he said. He compares a statewide bond measure for $600 million on the ballot while local Measure “G” is asking for $720 million." Read More>
College bond draws fire
Ann Motte that she would have preferred a much lower bond ---- $100 million ---- to be paid over 10, not 25 years. A $100 million bond would be matched by the state, she noted, which would provide the college with about $20 million per year, "which could be used for athletic fields." Read Me>
Temecula councilman takes issue with bond-measure campaign flier
"Whether 911 answers or not has nothing to do with Measure G, absolutely nothing," he said Read More>
College bond too big a risk
"This is the largest bond measure ever asked for in the history of Riverside County. If this bond passes, taxpayers will be asked to bear the repayment of the bonds as a tax assessment against our homes." Read More>
Environmental study for Mt. San Jacinto College's Wildomar campus still delayed
"If the bond were to fail, the college would scrape together funds from other sources, including the state, Zacovic said." >Read More
Bond measure gains critics
"Beutz said the college does not need money for those projects when slipshod operation of the facility has resulted in the loss of “millions in state money.” >Read More

Knee Deep in the Hoopla
"I guess supporters aren't eager to tell taxpayers the MSJC bond is for $720 million. That's right, almost three-quarters of a billion dollars.
Just for fun, let's put that in perspective. Here are the franchise values of the top Major League Baseball teams, according to Forbes magazine, and where the MSJC bond fits.
New York Yankees ---- $1.026 billion
MSJC bond ---- $720 million
Boston Red Sox ---- $617 million
New York Mets ---- $604 million
Los Angeles Dodgers ---- $482 million
Note: the combined value of the San Diego Padres ($354 million) and the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim ($368 million) is $722 million." >Read More

Supporters spreading word on bond measure
"It's a matter of taxation without representation," Beutz
said in a phone interview. He said there are not enough
services in areas like Temecula, Murrieta and Lake Elsinore.
"Many of us have not even heard of MSJC." >Read More
Taxpayer group opposes bonds
"The Inland Empire Taxpayers Association, formed last week, has targeted two proposed bonds: Measure G, a $720 million bond for the Mt. San Jacinto Community College District, and Measure H, a $63 million Banning Unified School District bond."  >Read More

Schools depending on voters
"Because the Mt. San Jacinto district overlaps those areas, homeowners could find themselves paying for two bonds." >Read More

District to put bond on ballot
"Motte said she could not support the bond proposal because she feels the district needs to use state funding more efficiently and maximize the facilities it now has." >Read More

Mt. San Jacinto Community College holds workshop on putting bond on ballot
"Trustee Gwen Schlange said she was concerned that if the assessed value of homes doesn't rise as it has the last four years or so, the college district could be left without enough tax revenues to pay back bond issuances." >Read More

Enrollment is down at MSJC
"Enrollment at Mt. San Jacinto College is down 3.42 percent from last year's 11,022 students, preliminary figures show." >Read More
Head count spurs action
"When the college doesn't receive all the state funding it could get, Elam says, officials rely on money from grants, high school partnerships and career technical education." (and now apparently bonds too! Read more>)





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Persons and Organizations Endorsing a NO vote on Measure G

Gerald S. Burchell, Elected Member, Riverside County Republican Party Central Committee

The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association

The Inland Empire Taxpayers Association

The Riverside County Libertarian Party

The California Republican Assembly

John Motte, City Council of the City of Perris and Former Trustee of Mt. San Jacinto Community College/Business Man

The Murrieta Temecula Republican Assembly

The Riverside County American Independent Party

The California Taxpayer Protection Committee

Councilman Steve Adams, Candidate for the 66th Assembly District

Mike Naggar,  Temecula City Councilman