Wal-Mart checks out of

Garden Grove

First the giant retailer downsizes plans for a Superstore, then bows out entirely, leaving nearby mall tenants in need of an anchor Read more...


Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times


Wildomar Incorporate Now (Win) Accepts Thousands from Gatlin Development

Gatlin Development, developer for the proposed Super Wal-Mart, has already pumped thousands of dollars of contributions into Wildomar incorporation efforts; this after getting busted for money laundering and illegal campaign contributions to members of the San Diego City Council when suspicions arose regarding Gatlin’s attempts to obtain approvals and concessions for a series of Wal-Mart centers in San Diego.

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84300 and 84301 - One Hundred Seven (107) counts
$192,000 fine

Gatlin Development Company, a real estate development firm located in San Diego which primarily builds shopping center complexes that contain Wal-Mart stores, and Frank Gatlin, its owner and principal officer, laundered contributions made to candidates and members of the San Diego City Council, a candidate for the San Diego County Board of Supervisors, and a campaign committee located in Lake Elsinore. more Info



Anxiously waiting
on Wal-Mart

WILDOMAR CITYHOOD: The big-box retailer figures prominently in plans for generating tax revenue.

Retailers want to stop growing so fast

After years of build, build, build, America's biggest stores are deciding that it makes sense to slow growth in a slow economy. read more...


Problems with Wal-Mart Abound

Communities all across the country are discovering that staking their hopes for tax revenue on Wal-Mart is a shaky proposition. 

Once viewed as a sales tax “gold mine” by many, Wal-Mart centers are showing their sore spots – often driving hard bargains for extensive rebates and multi-year contracts that leave future city councils struggling with severe financial headaches.

Added to this is the growing body of evidence that Wal-Mart centers are often magnets for escalating crime, and inflict stinging impacts on community law enforcement resources.

Vista, CA: Mayor Morris Vance cited crime at Wal-Mart as taxing local budgets and policing efforts.  “This is a difficult time for this to happen.”  Mayor Vance said, referring to the city’s strapped budget.  “We definitely cannot afford more police officers right now.  With the budget it’s hard to keep what we have now.”

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