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February 5, 2008

Budget outlook worsens for Inland cities, counties
The budget outlook for Inland local governments continues to worsen. Some local officials are cutting property tax revenue growth estimates in half compared to their predictions just three months ago. And with a two-year, $14 billion.

Incorporation will require Wildomar to have Low Income Housing

Wildomar Low Income Housing

Vehicle License Fees come with strings attached

Incorporation proponents seeking $20,000.00 in donations for last minute campaign mailers.yes on cityhood wildomar measure c

They wouldn't announce it on their own website, so we'll do it for them on ours! Read more

Bob Buster

Meet the Puppetmaster....



14 seek council seats on Wildomar cityhood ballot Read Story

Wildomar Cityhood Candidates
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Wildomar Ballot Arguments Measure C

Wildomar Ballot Arguments Measure D

Darrell Ruff

Pro-cityhood candidate comes clean that higher levels of public services would be tied to higher taxes in Wildomar Read more

Learn how special interests are feeding the campaigns of certain Wildomar city council candidates . . .Read More


Let the Special interest games begin . .

Developer Buys 18 Acres in Wildomar
Wildomar Cityhood Money Contributor Alesco Development Co. LLC for $4.7 million
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County to tighten belt
A variety of government services could fall victim to belt-tightening as Riverside County's revenue fails to keep up with population growth and inflation, county officials said Monday.

Wildomar Taxes

Mortgage-Relief Plan Divides Neighbors


The promise of $500,000.00 in new taxes


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