Donations For A Good Cause

Get More Bang For Your Buck

Friends of Stop the Money Grab $25

(Supporters of the cause willing to throw their two cents in to stop the special interests.  Each donation of a minimum $25 will receive a Stop the Money Grab lawn sign, valued at $3, to beautify their Wildomar neighborhood)


Aluminum Members $100

(Our Aluminum supporters will receive the same beautiful $3 yard sign as the Friends, but with the knowledge that they are helping to spread the message just a little bit farther.)


Zinc Partners $250

(Partner with Stop the Money Grab and get the same colorful sign as every other donator to the mission.  You’ll get no recognition, other than the legally required reporting that we have to do.  But you do get the satisfaction that you are stopping unreasonable and unwanted tax increases in Wildomar.)


Copper Masters $500 or more

(Wow, you must really dislike these money grubbing, special interest loving, power hungry bureaucrats.  Thanks.)


Mailing Address:
Stop the Money Grab
23905 Clinton Keith Rd
Suite 114-103
Wildomar, CA 92595

Online donation system by ClickandPledge is waging a grass roots campaign to defeat Wildomar Cityhood and protect community residents from greedy special interest groups – and that will cost money!

This is a real David Vs Goliath struggle, and control of your community’s destiny is at stake.  Stop the special interest groups’ steamroller - before it crushes our independence.

Thousands of dollars are flowing into the coffers of the Wildomar Community Council - the reincarnation of the Wildomar Incorporate Now group – to support their slick, expensive and deceitful cityhood campaign and the promotion of their hand-picked city council candidates.

Big developers, contractors, service suppliers and business interests are contributing to WCC in hopes their money will buy them favor and profit from the new city.  Yes, really!  What kind of concessions does the Wal-Mart developer expect for his thousands of dollars of contributions?

We need your help to expose this travesty.  Defeat these special interest groups, their candidates and their dirty politics.  Contribute to today!