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Stop the Money Grab
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What’s the purpose of 

This site was originally founded to inform voters about the outrageous costs and waste surrounding last year’s MEASURE “G” and to bring about it’s defeat.  We accomplished that goal!

Now, new life is being poured into the site to help Wildomar residents understand who is behind the push for cityhood and the risks inherent in moving forward with incorporation.

Growing concern for the future of our small community has prompted a few ordinary Wildomar residents to take up the battle.  We want to confront the huge amount of misinformation and half-truths being constantly spewed out to voters by special interest groups  -  and their hand-picked candidates for city council.

Wildomar is facing a battle of monumental proportions.  Our community’s independence is at stake.  We stand at the crossroads, and once residents have chosen the path, there will be no turning back. is committed to helping voters see beyond the slick, expensive campaign the special interest groups are mounting for their own benefit. 

These groups envision controlling Wildomar and everything in it. They want their own candidates dominating the city council and pushing decisions that will profit a narrow segment of our population at the expense of everyone else.  When they tout “local control”, they are really talking about expanding their own power, not yours.

Working together we can expose these groups and their manipulative lies and tricks.  We can take control of our own future, and break the stranglehold special interests currently have on our community.

Wildomar is a wonderful place to live, and we can have a vibrant future and better control over our destiny without letting outside influences turn our community into a County welfare hub or a special interest welcome mat. Please join us in our quest to preserve Wildomar independence. Go to the polls February 5th and vote 'NO' on measure "C."